Friday, March 1, 2013

I’m sorry … um … what was I doing?

Okay we all know we are all too busy. Right? We know that right? Seriously, I’d love to know of one person who is equally balanced with life, love, work, fun, sleep, exercise, friends, whatever.  If you are that person … you get a sticker.

For the rest of us: have you ever got so busy with your daily life you start forgetting things? 

I thought I’d break the ice and confess a few of my ridiculous antics of recent.

First, my justification for forgetting nearly everything but my head … and that’s screwed on! February has been chock full of deadlines, three kids, new clients and Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts. Cookie season, field trips, service projects for two troops – oh and to top it off, Ben’s schedule has been such that he works late nearly every night (like 10 p.m. late) unless I need him home for some other commitment I have to fill.  

Okay so here are a few of my frequent forgetfulnesses:
·     * I had a plan to play with a friend. Scheduled our time, then realized I had something for Saylah, so rescheduled the play date … then realized I knew the date but didn’t know the day … in other words … I got my dates mixed up and had to re-reschedule our plans!
·      * I’ve stopped myself from putting cheese, ice cream and milk in the pantry countless times.
I * I temporarily (like three days) couldn't find my driver's license so I couldn't get into the gated community to pick up our Girl Scout cookies. (I still don't remember where I found it, but I did.) 
·     *  My friend’s preschool payment check lived in my back pocket for a couple of days because I forgot to put it in the box during carpool drop off.
·     *  I left blue cheese salad dressing in a bag overnight (hey it’s “aged” already anyway right?).
·      * I ran a half marathon last weekend. I packed my running bag only to discover when I was 1.5 hours away from home that I packed AUDREY’s running belt – not my own. Bonus that I’m kid-sized.
·      * And the very best …  After a training run, I took a shower and shaved my legs – well … shaved one leg – and didn’t even realize it until I was dressed and driving in the car! Seriously!

So there’s mine … what have you done to prove you are just too busy? Come on, you know you have stories too!  ;-)