Friday, February 1, 2013

Isaac's Snake

I hate snakes. And when I mean I hate them, I mean I really, really, REALLY hate them. So much so in fact that I am strangely drawn to them – kind of like how you can’t turn away from a car accident when you drive by ... you have to slow down and look at it.

With me, snakes are the same way. Attempting to get over this phobia of those slithery little villains I’ve had my fair share of touching, holding and observing them over the years. Really I can’t look away. But something at the core of me is heebied out by them to no extent.

Ben is of the belief that if you see a black snake or whatever – you let it live. Those are the kind that eat the mice.  Me? I chop of their heads. Screaming bloody murder as I do. Considering that perhaps the mice would be a better visitor?

One time, I was reading and relaxing in our lanai and a little yucko thing went slithering out of the corner of my eye. No one was home, no neighbor around to get rid of it, there it was, the size of worm, invading MY space. After much squalin’ and hiding behind the sliding glass door where I could keep a keen eye on it, I decided I needed to “man up” and take care of the intruder on my own. I grabbed Ben’s (not mine) shoe and squashed the bajeebers out it. Had anyone been around during this episode, they surely would have called the cops with all the screaming coming out of me as I did the deed. Darn snakes.

It’s pretty much my only “thing” – my only truly girly “thing.” My kids know I hate snakes as well. And, like any good daughter would, since I hate them so much, guess what? Saylah has decided that she loves them. I mean absolutely loves them. They are her “favorite animal” (gross) Of, course they are.

For Christmas this year, Saylah’s school had a Holiday Shop where the kids could buy presents for their family. (No she did not buy me a snake, I got a ring.) But she did however buy Isaac a stuffed snake. It is the one and only snake toy in our house. My sister in law bought a real looking toy for Saylah a while back but sadly it got “lost” – so this blue stuffed critter is the only snake toy in our house. The problem – Saylah bought it for Isaac with her own earned money. With that kind of sentiment and consideration, I’m certain there is a designated amount of time necessary to wait before this guy gets lost as well. So typically he gets stuffed under a bunch of toys in Isaac’s toy box – out my sight. Because yes, even the bright blue stuffed ones ick me out.  

Periodically he gets unearthed from the mound of toys and someone plays with him. Two nights ago, Isaac grabbed him and started chasing his sisters around the playroom with it, hissing as he went. The laughter, squeals and giggles from this game piqued my interest and lightened my heart from a looong day; so much so that I opted to join the game. Isaac hissed towards me. I let out my most girlish squeal I could muster and off I ran. Giggles abound the four of us took turns chasing each other around the house, hissing and snake biting each other in the bootie.

I even went so far as to hide with the snake and strike at them from under the covers. (Truly my biggest nightmare come true) We’ve played our snake game for two nights now and it’s still a ton of giggles and glee.


I am definitely not a fan of the vermin still, but I am starting to warm up to the blue version of these cold-blooded creatures. Maybe he can stay a while longer. 

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