Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do

A good friend of mine and I have created a list o’ fun for we mommies to do. Here’s the thing, we created this fun, fun list about SEVEN months ago. Um, and well, we’ve not accomplished ONE of these items. I keep saying, I suppose we are simply no fun. My friend prefers to tag us as “striving for fun” instead.

However, in spite of not getting out with my friends to go play -- which I’m sure those of you who know me know I love to play – I absolutely consider myself fun. Well I realize the fun I actually DO get to have.

I mean in a house full of three kids 7, 5 and 2, how could you NOT have fun?!? Since Saylah could walk one of Ben and my favorite games with our kids is hiding behind a wall and jumping out at them. (In a fun parent way, NOT a scary-gonna-wet-my-pants way.)

The last few weeks I’ve had tons of fun with my kids. Which is part and parcel for why I’m behind (like 2 months behind) on posting! (again)

Recently I took the kiddos to Turkey Lake Park’s children’s farm to check out the turkeys, goats, horses and such. After seeing the animals we went to the playground where I took turns with Isaac sliding down the really tall slides. If you’ve not been to TLP’s playground – it is BY FAR my favorite playground (ask my older scouts, they’ll tell you. We’ve had many a game of tag on it.).

The cool thing about kids is you can play and typically people don’t look at you like you are looney. They say, “aww, what a sweet mom.” Little do they know those kids are just my excuse to do those silly things.

There are however times where my pride or grown-up-ness does take over and I decline from the antics. For example: we took my parents’ dog to the dog park the other day. To sum up the event I need only say that I had to tell the girls, “This is Charlie’s (the dog’s) park. You are not dogs.” But, come on, dog parks do look like fun. So I compromised and told them they could be puppies too but they could not sniff anyone’s tail end. Okay, I’m kidding, I didn't say that. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. ;)

I told them they could be puppies but they couldn’t walk on their hands and knees. So they made a doggie obstacle course, that Saylah convinced her sister to complete but couldn’t get Charlie to run. They asked me to do the course and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt silly. I mean there were other grown ups there and where as being silly in front of grown ups who are parents of young kids is one thing. I’m uncertain of the stigma attached to silliness in front of grown ups with dogs.

I think I made up for it though. For the last couple of nights, Audrey has decided she’s a monkey and wants to hang upside from the top rail of her bunk bed to sing her prayers. Well, I like monkeys too.
Let me tell you, there is little that compares to hanging upside with your 5-year-old and singing The Lord is Good to Me …

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