Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Baackkk!

There are a myriad of things I could blog about from the holiday season. That zany zany holiday season where every mom you talk to projects her weariness with slumped shoulders and the phraseology, “we have this to do, then this, and blah blah blah” … yep, literally the words “blah blah blah.”

Every year we do it to ourselves; and every year we all say we won’t do it again. Next year we’ll cut back, relax, spend more time with friends and actually enjoy the holiday moments. Hopefully none of us made this our new year’s resolution so that we won’t feel a sense of disappointment in our over-achieving selves come next December. (wink wink)

I know most moms said they were happy for school to start again. Trust me, now as a mom I totally get the cleverness of the favorite holiday song It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas. But this year, I was actually kinda bummed when school started back up.


I rather enjoyed late mornings, homebound evenings, and my two weeks of checking out of all responsibilities outside of my home. (I.e. work, girl scouts, anything beyond mom responsibilities). And I loved hanging with the kids in our jammies way too long each morning.

I thought I’d share some of my top fave funnies from the holidays.

10. We combo’d families this year for Christmas. (My side and Ben’s) It turned out great. Ben and I served yummy food and even yummier drinks: mimosas, wine, and Irish coffee. We have now concluded that for every event to go off without a hitch a Two Drink Minimum is required to be consumed by everyone over the age of 21.

9. My favorite Facebook post came from a friend who said that her “favorite Christmas present was putting that damn elf away.”

8. Speaking of the elf, this was my favorite shenanigan: (courtesy of the collective minds of my sister in law, brother in law, Ben and me)

7. Audrey is in a phase where she dreams of being other things. Anything from “I wish I were a kitty cat.” To, “I wish I had purple ears.” Latest, out of the blue from the back of the car I hear, “I wish I were an elf. (Yes the elf had a big influence in our house)

6. We allowed our 7 and 5 year old to stay up on NYE with our friend’s 8 and 5 year old. Who says alcohol is needed on NYE? I’ve never seen a “drunk” like the punch drunk of grade-schoolers hyped up on sugar and lacking of sleep.


5. I nearly DIED from a badminton birdie to the head. As you can see, my husband was very distraught over the incident. (Note 2nd image, like father, like son) 


4. I’m not sure who was more excited about Saylah’s American Girl Doll from Santa. Saylah or me.

3. Same statement applies for Isaac’s light sabers and Ben. (Which Santa had to bring two … no kid can have a decent fight with an unarmed opponent I was informed.)

2. The kids rode horses at Oma and Opa’s campsite. Isaac rode for the first time. Nothing makes your smile wider than hearing your kids giggle with glee. None of us are sure if it was from the horse or the fact that he and Audrey got to bump helmets over and over again during the ride. Favorite quote afterward happened when Isaac kept trying to make Audrey a horse, “Isaac get off of Audrey, she is not a horse.”

1. We celebrated another Christmas at my Mom and Dad’s house on the 26th. After an early dinner Ben took all three kids back home to hang out with his sister’s family while I stayed to have grown up time with my brother and his wife who were visiting from NYC. With Matt and Chris in the guest room and me seeking my own space and quiet sleep place I opted to sleep in the kid’s room on a toddler-sized fire truck bed for the night – and LOVED it. (Circle back to the beginning with the slumped over exhausted Mommy and add in being 5'2" and you'll understand!) ;) 

Happy New Year Family and Friends!

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